Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is psychotherapy aimed at promoting better communication between couples. Couples at all stages – dating through divorce – can benefit from therapy.

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Couples in distress

In this stage of the relationship, one or both couples have often contemplated calling it quits. The couple may find it difficult to communicate without arguing, feel as if they are just roommates, or are simply in severe, emotional pain. The couple may be dealing with an affair, substance abuse, domestic violence or a different life crisis. One or both people may be unsure if they even want this relationship to work. Maybe you have one foot out the door, but are unsure why there is still one foot in.

Couples stuck in the mud

In this stage of the relationship, one or both parties may feel distant, tired of arguing, sexually bored or un-interested or unable to get past anger or resentments. Maybe you are having difficulty adjusting to a life transition such as a new baby, a new job, a move, parenting difficulties, in-law problems, mid-life or empty nest. But through all of this the one thing you know is that you “want” this relationship to work, you just may not be sure of the “how.”

Couples who have a “hiccup”

In this stage of the relationship, both people in the relationship are committed and feel love for one another. Maybe one or both parties have just hit a bump in the road. This “bump” or “hiccup” could be a lie, family issue, un-resolved disagreement, etc. The couple comes in to seek assistance in gaining better tools for communication or to have someone help them move past the “bump” or “hiccup” Overall, you feel happy and blessed to have your partner in your life and you are invested in keeping your relationship strong.

You have everything to gain with marriage counseling.

  • Understand what behaviors can cause divorce and how to avoid them
  • Develop understanding and compassion for one another
  • Learn how to re-connect with your partner
  • Learn how to positively resolve conflicts
  • Heal past hurts
  • Develop goals to create change
  • Develop fun, interactive ways to practice what you learn
  • Explore and share with each other
  • Break through emotional disengagement

How to work with me.

Marriage counseling looks different for every couple but for everyone, the path begins here.


Schedule a Consultation

Take 10 minutes to ask me questions and ensure that I am someone you feel comfortable working with.


Attend your first Marriage Counseling session

We will set individual and joint goals to work towards at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Measure your progress

We will take time to look at the progress you have made as a couple.