Therapy Services

Shea Counseling provides counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples, and children in Santa Rosa, CA.

Individual Therapy >

Seeking therapy is a very personal choice. As hard as this choice can be, it is truly a gift to embark on a journey of healing. Come discover how to open your heart to love in the way you were created to love. Love yourself and others in the way you really desire to. True vulnerability is strength. It requires a willingness to look inside, be honest and seek truth.

Child Therapy >

Your child will be gently guided through their emotional and mental challenges. Our nurturing environment will help your child feel secure and understood as they embark on their unique path to growth and healing.

Premarital Counseling >

Our premarital counseling sessions are designed to lay a strong foundation for your future together. We’ll offer you both the tools and insights needed to build a relationship filled with love, growth, and mutual respect.

Couples Therapy >

Together, we will focus building a new, healthier relationship based on effective, respectful communication and healthy coping skills. Learning why your relationship gets stuck in certain fighting patterns is key to your freedom.

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