Navigating Life's Challenges Together

Psychotherapy in Santa Rosa for couples, individuals, and children

How can therapy help?

Alleviate emotional struggles such as anxiety, depression, loneliness & shame.

Discover the lies you believe about yourself that distort reality and learn how to replace them with the truth.

Develop effective coping mechanisms, self-regulation tools, and strategies for positive change.

Heal past traumas and/or childhood wounds in order to improve interpersonal relationships

Gain insight into dysfunctional patterns that are ineffective and counterintuitive to the way you truly desire to live

Learn how to forgive yourself and others so that you can increase the joy and peace in your life.

Hi, I'm Christy Shea

This is a safe, therapeutic environment. I offer a neurobiological, cognitive behavioral approach to therapy. Whether you are an individual adult seeking support or a couple struggling to get out of dysfunctional patterns, together, we can create change. Making the decision to come to therapy is a very personal one. In my office, you will discover what areas in your life are counter productive to the way you want to live. You will then be given the tools to change these patterns. Through this important process, you will heal, grow and encounter more joy!




Together, we will focus building a new, healthier relationship. This will be based on effective, respectful communication and healthy coping skills. Learning why your relationship gets stuck in certain fighting patterns is key to your freedom.  You will discover the patterns that do not serve your “GREATER WE” & the tools needed to change them.  If willing, you and your partner will learn how to humble your heart, forgive past hurts, and fall deeper in love once again no matter what stage your relationship is in. 


Premarital counseling sessions are designed to lay a strong foundation for your future together. We’ll offer you both the tools and insights needed to build a relationship filled with love, growth, and mutual respect.


Seeking therapy is a very personal choice. As hard as this choice can be, it is truly a gift to embark on a journey of healing. Come discover how to open your heart to love in the way you were created to love.  Love yourself and others in the way you really desire to. True vulnerability is strength. It requires a willingness to look inside, be honest and seek truth.  


Your child will be gently guided through their emotional and mental challenges. Our nurturing environment will help your child feel secure and understood as they embark on their unique path to growth and healing.

My goal is to offer a safe, therapeutic environment, which allows you the opportunity to ...

Explore your own life.

Create room for healing

Develop a greater understanding of yourself

Find a more joyful way to live

In this space, your voice is heard.

Work with me

Begin your journey today.

Therapy is an opportunity to shine a light into the darkness.
 Humble your heart today… it is strength, NOT weakness, to seek help! 


Schedule a Consultation

Book 10 minutes with me to ask questions and ensure that I am someone you feel comfortable working with.


Attend your first session

We will set goals and work toward achieving them at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Measure your progress

Regularly evaluate and celebrate your growth while ensuring that your therapy sessions are effectively meeting your needs.

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About Shea Counseling

My journey into therapy began with a deep fascination for understanding the complexities of human life experiences. Witnessing the transformative power of healing solidified my commitment to this profession. With 30 years in the counseling field and 22 years in private practice, I bring a wealth of experience to my work.

My approach is grounded in Neurobiology and attachment theory, offering a holistic perspective on mental health. My expertise spans across various areas, including drug and alcohol counseling, behavioral therapy for children with unique needs or challenging behaviors. I also provide therapy in Santa Rosa for couples and individuals where I strive to create a space for personal growth and healing.